Black Friday: Record-Breaking E-Commerce Spending 2023

Black Friday stats 2023

Record-Breaking Black Friday E-Commerce Spending

Black Friday E-Commerce Spending Pops 7.5% to Reach $9.8 Billion

A recent report from Adobe Analytics reveals that Black Friday e-commerce spending in the United States experienced a significant surge, reaching a record-breaking $9.8 billion. This represents a notable increase of 7.5% compared to the previous year.

Consumer Behavior and Shopping Trends in Black Friday

Strategic Consumers Seek the Best Deals

Consumers have become increasingly strategic in their shopping habits, taking advantage of marquee shopping days to maximize their discounts. This trend reflects a price-conscious mindset and a desire to obtain the best possible deals.

Mobile Shopping and Impulse Purchases Contribute to Growth

Mobile shopping played a significant role in Black Friday’s success, with $5.3 billion in online sales coming from mobile devices. The ease of purchasing through mobile platforms, coupled with the influence of social media and influencers, has contributed to impulse purchases and increased spending.


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Price Sensitivity and Payment Methods

Price Sensitivity and ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Trend

Consumers remain price-sensitive due to factors such as inflation and interest rates. The Adobe survey discovered that $79 million in sales came from consumers utilizing the ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ flexible payment method, representing a 47% increase from the previous year.

Impact of Discounts on Sales

The best-selling categories on Black Friday, according to the Adobe report, were electronics (such as smartwatches and televisions), toys, and gaming. Discount levels played a significant role in determining consumer preferences and purchase decisions.

Online Shopping and Retail Strategies

Online Sales vs. In-Store Sales

While in-store sales experienced a modest 1% increase, online sales surged by over 8% compared to the previous year. This shift indicates a change in consumer behavior, with online shopping offering advantages such as price comparisons and convenience.

Retailers’ Strategies to Captivate Deal-Hunting Consumers

Retailers are aware of the rise in deal-hunting consumers and have implemented strategies to attract their attention. Companies like Best Buy and Lowe’s have announced increased discount levels, while others have introduced pop-up promotions offering limited-time discounts on specific brands and items.

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