What is IPTV (Internet Protocol television)

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television.

IP TV is a modern technology for TV broadcasting that uses internet protocol (IP) instead of satellite. It is the product of the recent technological revolution and the expansion of the use of different types of devices to watch TV channels, and IPTV came to the stage to enable to keep up with news feeds, their favorite TV shows, and games easily and flexibly that traditional means of TV broadcasting is unable to provide.

what is iptv
How IP TV Works


It is no exaggeration if some say that traditional TV satellite is outmoded. There is some reason for this statement. With cable or satellite TV, broadcasters transmit their services in the form of signals and waves. But while viewers receive these signals, they lack full control over what is sent and when to watch it, unless of course, they have some sort of recording device. They have only one choice which is to stick to the broadcasters’ schedule.

IPTV is another story, a promising sort of story! Instead of sending content via light pulses in fiber optic cable or radio waves, IPTV transmits news broadcasts, shows, movies, and sports games via Internet Protocol (IP) –  through your standard internet connection.

IPTV on the other hand is not confined to specific broadcasting schedules which characterize cable and satellite TV broadcasting. Instead, most IPTV providers use VOD (Video on Demand) or Time-Shifted Media – we will discuss both below when we talk about the types of IPTV broadcasting.


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Set-Top Box for your TV to run IPTV


Although there are TVs nowadays that are equipped to run IPTV playlists and files, most TVs do not in fact have this feature. But the problem is solved by a set-top box that serves as an interpreter that stands between what you receive over your internet connection and your TV- translates IPTV content into a format (language) that the TV can read.

To run IPTV on the computer, you almost need nothing.  You can go about it right away. You may only need to set up the free VLC media player.

The same with smartphones and tablets.

See how you can set up IP TV on android and iPhone.

Also how to set up IP TV on Smart TV.

Types of TV broadcast via IPTV

There are three main types of broadcasting formats:

   VOD or Video on Demand

As indicated by its name, with VOD  you get your video whenever you demand it. Movie-streaming websites typical examples of VOD (Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video). Video on Demand takes you out of the limits on what you can watch!

With Video on Demand VOD, you are able to watch your movie or show at any time without having to abide by the broadcasting schedule of the service provider.

   Time-Shifted Media

The idea is that viewers can watch shows when they missed them at the time of their first broadcast. Time-Shift Media is an IPTV Type where broadcast services providers display TV shows on their own specific Apps or even simply on standard browsers, shortly after broadcasting them on satellite.

What makes Time-Shifted Media different from VOD is the time limit. While VOD type is limitless and you can request your video at any time, Time-Shifted Media is available only for a limited period.

   Live IPTV

This type allows you to watch live streaming shows on IP TV on your device. In this case, live Internet Protocol Television is much like the ordinary TV satellite broadcast, unless live Ip TV is transmitted via the internet and is more flexible and easier for different devices.

IPTV providers

IPTV providers include a wide range of companies from large network operators, like Verizon with its FiOS video services, and major companies, such as Netflix, Google, Apple, and Microsoft, to Sony, which also offers video streaming services via smart TV sets and internet-enabled devices, and AT&T. Additional examples of major IPTV providers include Roku, Hulu, and YouTube. Some other popular IPTV services include Amazing TV, FalconTV, SelectTV, Best Cast TV, Comstar. tv and Xtreme HD IPTV.

Providers of IPTV also include a wide variety of smaller or niche companies sometimes specializing in certain types of content delivered over a broadband IP connection. Here’s a sampling of some additional ITPV offerings:

Apollo Group TV
Bing TV
Decoded Streams
Iconic Streams
IPTV Trends
King TV
The MatrixIPTV
nVision TV
Perfect Player
Players KlubIPTV
Sportz TV

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